When Connections Are Bad, They’re Bad

Frustrated girl

Can you remember a time when you needed to download something from the website and you were just staring at the estimated time left for the document to be downloaded?

Especially when the loading bar reached 99%… and the stupid internet connection gets disrupted.

We bet this is what you look like when that happens.

p1 internet cat

Sometimes, you even caught yourself pleading or making promises at the loading bar! Like, “OMG, there’s only another 5% left, if you reach 100%, I will never curse you ever again, I’ll even polish you!” Yeah, like it’s going to respond to your emotions and hurry up just to please you. Good try though, buddy.

Or perhaps, when you are studying abroad and you need to call your parents on Skype and the line is just horrendous. The call gets through, and you spend the next ten minutes saying “Hello, can you hear me?”. You try a few more times, saying hello. 10 minutes, now 30 –  all your precious time wasted.

Anyway, fear not folks, we will share some tips on how to improve your internet speed.

1) Use Different Browsers

The problem with main browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari is that they take up a lot of memory space on your computer. This could affect the browsing speed and your computer’s performance. We reckon that you guys try using lightweight browsers like Avant and Slimboat.

2)  Change the Settings of Your Existing Browsers

If you insist on using your existing heavyweight browser, here’s what you can do to improve the speed:

i)  Remove or disable your existing add-ons, plugins, and extensions

ii) Keep a minimum number of tabs open on your browsers

iii) Turn on your cookies and caching (if you’re worried about privacy and security, you can always ban cookies by default while adding trusted sites to your “Exceptions” list)

3) Turn off Apps that Require Huge Bandwidth

You can turn off or limit the bandwidth allocations to BitTorrent, Dropbox, Skype, and other similar programs to free up some bandwidth for browsing.

4) Optimize Your Computer

i) Make sure your computer is free of spyware because these can slow your system down

ii) Free up your hard drive’s space

iii) De-fragment your hard drive every month or so

iv) Turn your computer off regularly

5) Use the right modem for the right place

Modems are optimised for indoor or outdoor usage. Home modems have better signal performance indoors and typically give you a heavier quota whereas a mobile dongle is made for lighter internet usage, so can lead to frustration if you’re planning to use it solely at home.

Test your internet speed before and after to see if our tips helped. Let us know if you have any other tips.

  • Evelyn Yen

    I had installed P1 in my hse since last sept. Never been a day this useless Internet can run smoothly. For so many mths, last nite n tis morning I have the 1st time full bars (3full bars). Should be exciting is it? But very very disappointed its just a false signals & totally hang without nothing. Nobody using it rite now n the pictures in the fb keep loading & loading til a message comes out ” pls check ur server:. …..I really hate using P1 and just waiting to end the contract in Sept..wat a lousy internet???? Wasting my money & time!!!

    • http://p1.com.my/ Packet One Networks (P1)

      Hi Evelyn, we apologise for the inconvenience. However, the right channel to surface this is via P1Cares webform located here – http://bit.ly/p1caresbg. Give it a try and if they did not come back to you, do let us know. We will try to escalate your case. Hope that helps.

      • Chuacheekhiang

        I tried calling, instant chat, email but I never get a reply.

        • Dinkan

          even you get connected – its like a recorded message and not interactive as per our technical issues!

          • http://www.p1.com.my/ Packet One Networks (P1)

            Kindly get in touch with P1Cares via their webform – http://bit.ly/p1osfes

  • Fariq

    Already submitted three different no of cases but with the same problem, no connection eventhought got 3 led lit up. What the hell is happening? Each cases with different technical personel, same set of questions. And still no connection. Pi wimax is really sucks, big time. I cant even use it, but still charge me with no solution to my problem. Why government still defend p1? Really hate P1. Come to my house and i show u the real meaning of no connection.

    • http://www.p1.com.my/ Packet One Networks (P1)

      Hi, have you tried contacting P1Cares via their webform here – http://bit.ly/p1osfes ? Thanks.

      • Fariq

        Already done ages ago. No avail. I want to terminate this contract. You guys did nothing. Plus, if there is any contract, where is my copy? When i call on january, u sez the contract expire on feb, when i call aain in feb, u sez expiry is on june. Good for nothing this p1. Now i use the modem as a door stopper.

        • http://www.p1.com.my/ Packet One Networks (P1)

          Hi Fariq,
          Our team only handle content publishing in this blog and all support queries must be channeled to http://bit.ly/p1osfes. Thank you & sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Izz

    Hi P1,

    Can you consider introducing P1 8Mbps unlimited quota package to the Malaysian market?

    I’m currently using P1 2Mbps unlimited quota and feel that the speed did not meet my expectation especially online gaming or media streaming (ESPN, HBO).

    I hope you can consider my suggestion.

    • http://www.p1.com.my/ Packet One Networks (P1)

      Hi Izz,
      Thanks for your suggestion. Our team only handle publications in this blog & have no decision making powers to make changes to our existing plan. Alternatively, you can voice out here – http://bit.ly/p1osfes. Thanks

  • Drew Bie Pie

    How are you guys still surviving with your business practices? Your service quality is absolute garbage, and an utter embarrassment to ISPs everywhere. If you were based in any other country without a bullet-shield government, you’d be shut down within days.




    Hope this fuckin ISP go to hell..waste of money