P1’s e-Social Blog Recognised As One Of The Best Corporate Blogs On The Web

P1 e-Social receives recognition as best corporate blog

Yes, we have snagged it! We’ve bagged the coveted title as one of the Great Exemplary Corporate Blog in the world! Corporate blogging experts and joint-authors of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, Douglas Karr and Chantelle Flannery have given us a meticulous once-over and pinned us on their list rounded alongside company blogs by Amazon, Google and Vanity Fair.

To be announced sitting on par among these top conglomerates, P1 is over the moon! Our P1 e-Social blog zooms in on the latest tech, gizmos, trends and doles out entrepreneur savvy tips to give small and medium businesses the extra competitive edge in today’s marketing environment.

The P1 e-social platform started out for like-minded, tech savvy and digitally-conscious types to engage and interact with all things cool around P1. Since then, it has expanded and evolved to acclimatize current readership requirements.

Here are our five tips for writing a friendly company blog.

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  1. The post headline is more important than the post

The subject line should be clear, to the point and enticing enough for people to want to read your post. If it’s not enticing then no-one will click on your link – and that includes readers coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

  1. Keep it short

Never write long posts. Readers want information immediately and in the simplest format. If it’s a long article, break it up and include only the most important points. Bullet points or numbered lists (like this article) are best for delivering info as they are short and to the point.

  1. Write about something people want to read

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The biggest reason for a successful blog is the content. It needs to be consistent with your website. Blog about topics related to your website (so for P1 we talk about subjects such as wifi, computers and technetronic era) that will attract and engage readers wanting to gain an insight from a company’s perspective rather than an individual’s.

  1. Images sell

A picture tells a thousand words – the saying is really true. People, including readers, will judge a book by its cover. Adding a picture is like adding a lot more text, but it’s better than that because readers can take in the information from it in a second.

  1. Consistent styling increases readability

Your styling should be consistent. Follow a set template for images, text sizes and grammar and spelling. For example, if you use a capital letter for a headline, do so for all the headlines in that article.

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A Solid Return

We hope some of the tips above help steer you towards better blogging and a solid return on your content strategy, whether you’re doing it as a piece of marketing or just for fun.

We will continue striving to create imaginative and humorous content that will fill your curious appetites for all things trending! We welcome comments on improving our blog site, so go right ahead and let us know!

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