Everything You Need To Know About P1’s 4G Network

4G Transmitter

Getting To Know The 4G Network

You’d have to be a cave-dweller to not know that 4G is faster than 3G. Today, everyone is riding on the 4G hype and broadband users demand more than just enough speed for the usual e-mail, face book or twitter that the 3G platform has sufficiently provided us before.

Since the announcement of The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) at year end 2012, that Malaysians can enjoy 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) services utilizing the much-anticipated 2,600 MHz wireless platform; all mobile devices have gained traction into incorporating 4G technology into their latest offerings.

With the abundance of that in mind and complex web applications, 4G is very much entrenched into the Malaysian broadband landscape where everyone wants fast play into the Internet domain. The 4G technology is designed to provide IP-based voice, data and multimedia streaming at speeds of at least 100Mbit per second and up to as fast as 1 GBit per second.

Being one of the pioneers to launch its 4G Wimax (also called P1 4G) services on the 2.3 GHz band in the world, P1 is also the first in Malaysia to offer Wimax services to the nation.

The current offering of P1’s 4G network would cater for those who want to enjoy all their internet activities with more speed consistency than the unreliable congestive 3G network. Designed specifically for devices like smart phones, laptops, notebooks tablets and wireless hotspots, 4G is deemed to be up to 10 times faster than 3G as it prioritizes broadband data over mobile voice.

P1’s 4G subscribers can enjoy downloading movies, music or streaming videos, without the annoyance of constant speed buffering. Imagine this, downloading a 5MB song can be done in 2 seconds flat or a 750MB movie can be downloaded in 5 minutes. And all this can be done at home, in the office or on the go as P1 has already devised plans that will suit perfectly to every type of users.

P1 aims to give you more speed, more data quota, and more value for money as their competitive pricing is tailored for affordability so that everyone can have a broadband connection.

Being a wireless solution, you can utilize 4G broadband anywhere within the coverage of P1 and operating on instant plug & play structure where no wiring or installation is involved; its superb convenience is a welcomed necessity among nomadic P1 subscribers.

Value For Money

P1 has structured plans to give you the best combination of speed and quota at the lowest price. Basic modems comes free-of-charge and superior modems comes with a nominal fee. Stay around with us and you’ll get a lifetime warranty for our devices. No hidden costs, no surprises in your bills.

Instant Activation

Nearly there. Service activation is within 1 hour. Just sign up, pay your upfront fees and bring your modem home. Plug in and play. Or order it online for free delivery within Malaysia.

Generous Quota

Whatever plans you subscribe, it comes with the most quota for the lowest price and the highest quota we offer is 30GB, which you can probably do this:-

  • Web browsing – over 85,000 web pages at an average of 350KB per page
  • Download songs – 6,000 songs at 5MB per song
  • Watching YouTube- 5,000 videos at 360p, averaging 2 minutes per video
  • Watching movies – 40 full-length movies at 750MB per movie

No Cut Offs

That’s right. If you exceed your quota, carry on surfing at a throttled speed to preserve the good experience of other subscribers. Just top up your quota at the best market rate to regain your full speed.

Smart Modems

P1 has a range of smart modems that maximizes your 4G experience with WiFi features, Portability, simple Plug & Play function with capability to transmit and receive signals optimally. Just add a little fee for a better model.


You must be 18 and above with a valid NRIC if you are a Malaysian or a valid passport if you are a foreigner. An upfront refundable deposit of RM100 is required and subscription to more than one P1’s 4G accounts is allowed, provided they are different service types.

Wanna Sign Up?

You can sign-up for our services at our P1 Authorised Resellers, P1 Paddock and P1 Center. Alternatively, you can also write to us via this online form.

  • Alin Dada

    can i suggest P1 came out with modem that can attach EXTERNAL ANTENNA?. as a customer since 2010….i find it’s crucial that external port to be added due to your coverage.
    i am sure you guys will get lesser complaint from customer if that port added ;)