A Collision Of Possibilities as P1’s Packeteers discover TM’s new vision


P1 Town Hall Meeting 2014

P1’s Packeteers recently welcomed their new parent from Telekom Malaysia for their 2014 town hall meeting. This year’s event focused on the theme of the “Collision of Possibilities”, and that meant collaborative mindsets working together and having fun.

Members from TM, Green Packet and SK Telecom – Partners of the new collaboration to realize P1’s future to be a significant 4G-LTE service provider – graced the event, creating immense energy to the team-building activities. Both P1 CEO CC Puan and TM Group CEO Tan Sri Zam delivered inspiring content in their speeches to welcome the union of the three corporations working together.

The atmosphere was close and personal as crowds gathered for a “Group-fie” moment, part of a Selfie contest on Facebook. This was followed with Tan Sri Zam and CC Puan opening up to share their past and reveal what led up to the union between TM and P1.

P1 CC Puan & Tan Sri Zam










All of the Packeteers were given insight on the two leaders’ joint visions for P1 to contribute to the people and nation of Malaysia in the future. Both men let their guards down and candidly revealed their thoughts about one another back when competition between P1 and TM was at its fiercest, which set off a round of boisterous laughs from the crowd. Both leaders then took turns delivering their visions for TM becoming the number one Converged Communications Service Provider, and how P1 will play an integral role as TM‘s mobile data arm.

CC Puan challenged his Packeteers to move forward in reinforcing P1’s vision and mission to be the number one mobile data company in Malaysia. He added he wanted to deliver a better and more enjoyable Telco experience, and to become a proud awesome Malaysian brand that drew inspiration globally. He called on all Packeteers to re-ignite the P1 spirit to once again, deliver its Magic.

The floor opened up to a sea of games, with the Executive Management Team tasked to lead teams of over 60 people in relays. All positions and ranks were dissolved and it became about dynamic teams working hand-in-hand to achieve victory. Check out the photos here.

P1 family group photo 2







During these games, Packeteers were treated to the lighter side of the new P1 Board members and Executive Management Team, as everyone gleefully participated wholeheartedly into the fun and adrenalin-pumping challenges.

P1 family group photo 3







A boring Monday was turned into the funnest of days that had everybody jockeying for the best winning strategies and positions.

The 2014 P1 Town Hall Meeting stayed true to its annual theme of energetic fun and togetherness. This time around, however, the presence of Tan Sri Zam, the P1 Board and the new Packeteers joining for the first time made the event more significant and memorable.

P1 family group photo 4







We at P1 warmly welcome TM, Green Packet and SK Telecom to P1’s Packeteer Team Meet 2014, and we look forward to joining forces again soon!