What You Can Find on Our New Customer Care Page

Customer Care

At P1, we take pride in our customers’ continued support and as such it’s really important to us that we show our appreciation by providing equal assistance in using P1!

Because of that, we’ve recently revamped our Customer Care page, putting all the important information under one roof.

So, if you have any questions, the first step is to log on to our P1 Customer Care section.

What can you find on our Customer Care page?


By signing up with P1 Self Care, you can check your quota, top up your quota, view your bills, pay your bills and manage your account. You can also get recommendation rebates, the latest updates, offers, and rewards (NB: P1 self-care is not available to business plan subscribers, except ForBiz and ForBiz Fiber subscribers).


This page allows you to stay updated with the latest announcements on maintenance, customer carelines and more! It’s always worth checking first to see if you have a problem that’s also affecting everyone else before looking any further!


Our FAQ section is filled with hundreds (yes – hundreds! Far too many to count…) of questions on anything under the sun, from applying for a package to detailed information on the packages themselves. So before you panic, go through our easy-to-use section and check if the answer is right there in front of you!

Online Support Form

If you can’t find the relevant answer on our FAQ page, complete this online form stating each question and we will reply with an email within 24 hours of receiving the form. Enquiries will normally require between 5 to 7 working days to resolve. The Customer Care Consultant that handles your query will ensure your issues get resolved as soon as possible.

Quick Chat Options

In our Online Support Page, there is a quick service chat where you can leave a question or comment and our agents will reply to you in a short while. You just need to fill in your email, your name and your message.

Face-to-Face support

Or if you prefer a face-to-face consultation regarding your queries, perhaps you’d like to visit us at our many P1 Centres, or at one of our Authorised Partners. Please visit this page to find your nearest P1 Centre.

We hope that helps!

  • Charles Lee

    p1….cheat money….after 1 years something ,call me pay RM1045.!!!!i already terminate it for 1 year something …..didnt received any payment or message also .

    • http://p1.com.my/ Packet One Networks (P1)

      Hi Charles Lee,
      Kindly surface your issues here for P1Cares to take action. The web form is available via this URL – http://bit.ly/p1caresbg

    • yayass

      lucky you.after 3 year only some dork from one collection called me and ask me to pay almost 1500.he obviously know nothing because when i asked him about the details,his best answer is…. ‘itu saya x tawu laa..tapi encik kene bayar amaun tue kalau tidak p1 akan ctos nama encik” {very sweet)

      • http://www.p1.com.my/ Packet One Networks (P1)

        Hi, thanks for the feedback. FYI, the right channel to file a complaint is via http://bit.ly/p1osfes. P1 Blog is dedicated to community building which is an asset of marketing dept, therefore we do not handle customer services via commentaries here. Hope that helps.

  • Charles Lee

    noob management

  • Raymond B H Quek

    termination on 17th of April by your careline that I no need to pay early termination charge, and you had sent your man to remove my out door modem, waiting for my deposit refund and you keep delay and sent me sms my termination had rejected cause of no action taken, really a big cheater company, aware

    • http://www.p1.com.my P1 Buddy

      Hi Raymond,
      We apologise for the inconvenience caused, however the right channel to surface this is http://bit.ly/p1caresbg. Hope that helps, thanks!

    • http://p1.com.my/ Packet One Networks (P1)

      Hi Raymond,
      The best possible channel to surface this is via P1Cares and they can be reached via this web form here – http://bit.ly/p1caresbg. Hope that helps & we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

      • Raymond B H Quek

        P1, don’t try to eat my deposit, I have proven that you have already sent your technician to remove my out door modem, I received an e mail that my termination request had been cancelled and my account active again, really a big joke, cheater company, may I ask you without modem how to use your Internet, sent me a lawyer letter please, I like to settle this in court…don’t waste my time

  • Vipan Cheema

    me pay already bill. but how can i check payment is done or not?