Merry Christmas!

merry-christmasChristmas is that time of the year where tall pine trees goes up in houses and malls, decorated with colourful ornaments and blinking lights. Christmas is also the mark of a long year coming to an end. As the holiday hype fills the air, people are busy picking out presents and making this day a special occasion to be celebrated with special ones. Here are three most commonly practiced activities before or during Christmas.

  1. Baking

    The history of baking the gingerbread man goes way back in the 11th Century in Europe where crusaders returned home with spices and eventually became a Christmas tradition. Gingerbreads were originally made using bread crumbs, honey and seasoned with spices. Now, the gingerbread recipe has evolved and it is made into many different shapes and structures.

  2. Gift giving

    Secret Santa is a popular game played during Christmas where people will exchange gifts anonymously to create suspense and fun. The most exciting part is guessing who the secret santa was at the end of the game. In whatever way gift is exchanged, gift-giving is a culture practiced during Christmas and people love receiving and giving presents during this time.

  3. Christmas Feast

    Since it is the holiday season around the world, loved ones from far and near will be travelling back to their families and friends to spend this time together. During the Christmas season, families will get together around a meal that is specially prepared. Eating out is also an option this festive season. Many restaurants have prepared a Christmas menu to cater to this festive occasion.

Christmas is a colourful, fun, and high-spirited celebration. As the sound of jingling bells start to cheer up the world, we at P1 would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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