Free Stuff Malaysians Like


Malaysians are prudent spenders and since the local economy is not exactly a bed of roses at the moment, the purse string has just been drawn tighter therefore more and more Malaysians are turning to freebies to ease and comfort their pockets. For some, getting any sort of freebies is a normal everyday habit while some are selective on their choices. Others stick to their age-old adage of “grab first, don’t lose out”.

Just take a stroll out to supermarkets or hypermarkets during weekends and you’ll be bombarded with many brand promoters passing out free samples of beverages, biscuits, cereals, merchandise, etc.

Many shoppers and I mean MANY seize the opportunity to grab those freebies. Crowds would especially descent around food and beverage samples. Some can be seen ushering the entire family to get his or her share and come back for seconds or thirds.

However, merchants are happy to provide freebies as it is within their marketing strategy to create brand awareness, niche-market analysis and product response. Since Malaysians are a digital lot, a boom of growing followers haunts the online platform for free goodies, attesting to many sites flourishing to cater to these diligent hunters. Some sites even provide free delivery or shipping right to your doorstep!

Some of the sites Malaysians visit daily to get updates on freebies, samples, coupons, contests, etc.

  1. HoKangTao –
  2. Freebies Land –
  3. Bestlah-
  4. Clubs Cheap –
  5. OnlyBeauty –
  6. All-In-One-Discovery –
  7. Malaysia Freebies –
  8. Malaysia’s Giveaways & Freebies –
  9. Malaysia Free Sample Giveaway –
  10. I-Love-Freebies –

Skincare & Fragrance

Malaysians love receiving this freebie the best. They like to look and smell good!


Freebie food comes in second place for Malaysians. Tantalizing sweet desserts like ice-creams and cakes are most popular and we abide to our well-renowned sweet tooth cravings.


Malaysians do like to travel and bundles like getting free flights when booking a hotel and free airline seats remains at top three.

Movie Tickets

Avid movie buffs as well, we pounce on free movie tickets to satisfy our desire for the big screen.

Books & Stationeries

We love to read and bookstores know it. Free cash book voucher reels us in and we also love writing instruments.


Free coffee remains the most popular beverage with tea and juice running alongside but whacky drink recipes also score among Malaysians.


Instead of just spending time at the mall every weekend, Malaysians grab the opportunities for free passes to the zoos, fairs, theme parks, karaoke and even ice-skating.


We are a fashionable lot. Our crazy online fashion shopping proves that. Why buy when you can get it for free?

Health Products

Every once a while we need a boost of nourishment so free giveaways of vitamins supplements, herbal concoctions and beauty pick-me-ups are among favourites of health-conscious Malaysians.

Dental Products

Malaysians are famous for their warm smiles. Why? Periodically we get free toothpastes, tooth brushes and dental check-ups.

Eye Care Products

The eyes are the windows to your soul. Right you are. So we pamper them with free eye-drops, colourful contact lens and solutions.

Baby & Child Products

We don’t forget about our little ones and freebies of this nature is a sure hit among penny-wise parents.

Totally Malaysian

All in all, we Malaysians are really blessed with an abundance of freebies circulating our realm and we can look forward to more, as new products enter our market and companies doling out free samples to snag users’ attention hoping to covet a spot in our local market share. Fear not, Malaysians are up to the challenge!

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    Good to know about all that , and girls become so happy when they find out about free stuff :D