Facilities that can give Malaysians a lifestyle boost

The rapid development of technology has enabled us to enjoy an upgraded lifestyle, with hassle-free experiences. In most developed countries, lifestyle experiences have changed greatly—influenced by technology advancements. Examples include online shopping and self-checkout counters at hypermarkets. Here are a few systems we have identified that have changed Malaysians’ lifestyle.

  1. Interactive Voice Response System

    shutterstock_184982876Calling customer care lines are no longer the same, with the introduction of improved automated tele-conversations, that aim to help callers resolve their problems and enquiries in a few simple steps via the telephone. This system has been adopted by banks and commercial conglomerates here in Malaysia. Aside from being convenient, this system is also cheaper to maintain.

  2. Self-checkout counters

    Self-checkout counters are slowly making its presence here in Malaysia. They are currently only present at Tesco, in IOI City Mall. Over time, many other outlets might also have this option available. Early this year, Japan introduced self-checkout counters at their biggest retail group Aeon Co by installing about 3,000 checkers in hundreds of their stores nationwide. This system would benefit many in Malaysia if it was introduced in leading hypermarkets, especially during peak hours, and during busy weekends. Here is how easy it is:

  3. Integrated public transport payment systems

    Users of public transport within the Klang Valley are able to rely on the Touch ‘n’ Go card. It allows users to pay for fares for trains and buses, and at toll booths. This prepaid card has helped reduce long queues at these ticket counters / toll booths.

While all these changes may seem minor, it does give Malaysians a lifestyle update. These technological advancements are signs that Malaysians are moving towards being a country that can easily adapt to change with the ability to make improvements that provide convenience and reduce waiting time.