Deliver your gifts this Christmas

Jingle bells are in the air… for most people, but there are still those who are trying to finish off at work before they can leave to enjoy the year-end holidays. While they’re worrying about work, their other priority is to purchase holiday gifts in time for Christmas to friends and family. We understand “time is of the essence”, and we’ve have come up with a list of solutions that can help you with presents to your loved ones.

  1. 12042799_1150463154967190_2216902542203062305_nNeonrunner doesn’t just deliver gifts for you: you may also request they help purchase items from your preferred stores within the Klang Valley. One of the perks of having a personal dispatch such as Neonnners is they can also be hired to pay bills!
  2. is another despatch service that can be used to deliver presents within the Klang Valley this festive season. All you need to do is hire them via their online site, state what the job is and then a “GoGetter” ( their term for a “despatch personnel”) will be assigned to complete the task. Once the job is completed, you can make the necessary payment directly to the GoGetter.
  3. 12144959_365625666895199_8777689107065828024_nVelo Express KL service is unique and is developed by the same people who are currently running Velo Express delivers small and light items on a bicycle, regardless of whether it is a lunchbox or a document.

These services are developed to offer us convenience of sending to the doorstep of your loved ones, hassle-free! We are also really glad to know that they are all homegrown businesses.