The Coolest Offices in Malaysia

With startup companies mushrooming in Malaysia, offices have been decorated with quirky and interesting designs. You can definitely feel a different air working in these cool spaces – the amount of flexibility to move about, lie in a hammock, and just bounce ideas off colleagues.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the offices in Malaysia provided an atmosphere similar to these offices? Macam inilah baru kita lebih bersemangat bekerja!

Here are our picks of the coolest offices in Malaysia.

1. SAYS Secret Hideout

SAYS office

Table football at SAYS office – looks fun!

What SAYS CEO Khai Lee had in mind for the renovation of the office is to portray the team’s values, energy levels, and functional use of space. If you look closely at the lights, they are actually made out of waste bins.  Their use of natural, upcycled material is to emphasize a “back-to-nature” look. This Secret Hideout is home to a growing social news company that has recently merged with public listed media company Catcha Media Berhad.

They even have an X-Box connected to the flat screen TV, snuggly futon, and a daybed. You’ve got to be kidding me! Where do we sign up for this?

2. Groupon Malaysia

Groupon Malaysia office

Pool? Yes please!

Groupon is a middleman service that promotes a deal-of-the-day recommendation to consumers.

The concept of Groupon Malaysia’s office is to reflect the fun and exciting culture as well as their beliefs in the transparency of what they do. A different carpet colour was added in the office to create some form of order and a sense of space.

3. Mindvalley

Mindvalley office

There’s Wonder Woman…

Mindvalley has expanded from being a digital publishing company to building an array of successful businesses in different sectors.

Abstract and graphic superhero figures decorate the walls of this office. The design of the office is meant to be a “heroic space”, posing challenges to its employees – pushing them to dream big and happy while pursuing their goals.
Guess who will be there to give you a warm greeting at the main reception area? Wonder Woman! No joke.

4. Google

Google office

The colourful Google office

The founders of Google envisioned a perfect search engine that understands exactly what you’re looking for and gives you back your requests.

They want to show their openness, transparency, and innovation via their workplace design.

Here comes the best part – there is a daily catered lunch buffet, with fresh fruit and salad on ice, sandwiches, Magnum ice-cream and Belgian Hoegaarden beer.
BELGIAN HOEGAARDEN BEER! We definitely want IN on that.

5. Nuffnang

Nuffnang office

A cosy Nuffnang meeting room

Nuffnang is a blog advertising community, for people who share a passion for blogging.

Their bright orange walls denote playfulness and an exuberating vibe. The ‘aquarium-like’ meeting room represents the transparency of their work; the “Birdies’ Nest” room has pictures of their fans’ Instagram pictures.

Which one of the offices above is your favourite?

Photo credits:; Groupon Malaysia, Paulius Staniunas at Mindvalley; Google Malaysia & Nuffnang Malaysia blog

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