What do Malaysians surf on the internet

Here’s a fact from TNS Global: constant connectivity and digital media have enabled Malaysia to be one of the most socially engaged markets in the world. Malaysians may not have the fastest broadband, but they certainly devote a generous amount of their time to the internet. The question is,

What are Malaysians surfing on the net?

If you guessed social media networking websites, you’re right. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become so phenomenal that we can’t avoid checking into it every single day. In fact, a recent study shows that Facebook is the most popular social media platform used by Malaysians, whereby 88% of them visit Facebook weekly.


As for YouTube, Malaysians have a wide range of videos to watch: it be pets-related, walkthroughs for games, or even documentaries that aren’t being broadcast on television. Aside from that, Malaysians also upload their own videos for publicity and entertainment, such as JinnyboyTV and TheMingThing.


WhatsApp is not far behind either. GlobalWebIndex states that WhatsApp is used by 39% of the global mobile internet whereby Malaysia comes in at number 3 with 72% of usage. This shows that Malaysians stay connected all day, every day.

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There’s no doubt these platforms and the ones listed above are used to share a wide range of information, pictures and videos among their circle of friends. This proves that social media platforms have dominated internet usage and the interest of Malaysians, as they don’t mind surfing for long hours to keep themselves updated.