The Evolution of Telcos in Malaysia

the-evolution-of-telcos-in-malaysiaThere is stiff competition among telco service providers in Malaysia, due to the number of players. Every user wants the fastest, widest, and cheapest network, but the challenge for telcos is to offer competitive plans while providing up-to-par quality of internet remains until today. The telco industry has evolved greatly, rapidly. Telco providers now offer a variety of packages at attractive prices. Though sometimes picking the best telco brand may seem difficult and confusing, here are three guidelines to help pick your desired telco provider.

  1. Knowing what you want

    It is important to understand your usage pattern and what is most important to you. Some people would prefer cheap voice call rates, while others want more data. Take some time to evaluate your usage and what you spend your time on more.

  2. Coverage area

    Once you’re aware of your usage pattern, check with the telcos via their websites or even through their service centres, if your area is within reach for stable and reliable connection. If you are inclined to use more data, do check with your service provider if they are offering 4G LTE coverage in your area.

  3. Price

    Now that you know which telco gives you what you want, compare them side by side to make a definitive comparison of its prices. Subscribe to a telco that would offer you services that perfectly fits your needs at a price that suits your budget.

price-indThe industry is evolving and telco players are continuously upgrading their plans and making changes to their product offerings. The competition between telco players is stiff; but as users, we should focus on which one would benefit us the most and could meet most of our needs.

As the industry continues to grow, improvements are being made and we are looking towards that bigger dream as the quality of telco plans improve.