Stream content from your device

We have a generation that relies heavily on our mobile devices for everything, even more than just communication. We now use our mobile devices to access maps, read books, search for information, calculate things, play games, track our fitness, etc. Our smartphones have become the digital swiss-army-knife. Therefore, you can now use your phone for more than just communicating and taking photos.

One of the most popular uses of the smartphone is to stream movies and video. Here in Malaysia, we have four subscription services for you to consider:

  1. iflix

    iflix is a video on-demand internet streaming provider, that has local Malaysian and Asian content. Subscription to iflix is only RM8-RM10 per month and it entitles you to watch shows on two devices. On iflix, you’ll be able to watch Malaysian movies too. Aside from that, iflix also offers many old series that you might wish to rewatch such as Friends and Big Bang Theory.

  2. Netflix

    Netflix is an American based video on-demand internet streaming provider. The recent availability of Netflix in Malaysia has put a smile on majority of people’s faces. At just RM33 per month, users will be able to watch unlimited television series and movies on one of their devices. Netflix offers a large variety of American shows that is not available on our local channels.

  3. Spotify

    Spotify is an online music streaming provider. If you have no problems getting interrupted by advertisements, then you can enjoy the free version. However, at just RM14.90, you’ll be able to subscribe to the premium account whereby you’ll be able to download the music and listen to it offline too. Spotify can also be enjoyed on any of yo ur devices, but one device at a time. In due time, Spotify users will be able to sing-along to their favourite songs because the app will also show lyrics and the story behind the songs.

  4. YouTube

    YouTube is commonly known as a video sharing platform. There is unlimited content that has been uploaded onto YouTube by people, celebrities and brands. Watching videos on YouTube is absolutely free. From tutorial videos to catching snippets of your favourite shows, YouTube has it all.

These subscriptions provide users with fantastic offerings for entertainment. Even though these services can be enjoyed on various mobile devices, it is very important that your devices are connected to a stable internet connection, and subscribed to an unlimited data subscription. Otherwise, you might exceed your data limit because streaming videos consumes high volumes of data.


  • Eza Mohammad