Six Things To Do With An Old Smartphone – Don’t Throw It Away!

Don't Throw Away Your Old Smartphone

Don’t Throw Away Your Old Smartphone

Most of us give away or sell our smartphone as soon as the contract’s up, usually after about 18 to 24 months. It’s usually running slow and with hardly any battery life thanks to in-built obsolescence. Plus, with the way smartphone technology advances, a two-year old device seems ancient compared to the newest models.

But is it?

No, it’s not as useless as you might think. There are many uses for old smartphones lying around, so don’t throw them away. Here are six ways to recycle your old smartphone to do some good.

  1. Wi-Fi Hotspot

With the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot feature, your old smartphone can be used as a portable router. Just plug in a 3G SIM card with a data plan and a good data limit. Wi-Fi access isn’t everywhere, so carry the phone around and connect all your other devices (laptop, tablet, iPads, etc) to it for data access instead of applying for individual SIM cards for each device.

  1. Security Camera

Another good option for your old smartphone is to convert it as a wireless security camera. There are quite a number of free apps for this function. For Android, try IP Webcam. For iOS, try iVigilo Smartcam. Using these apps your phone’s camera can stream live video that’s viewable on a web browser or any video player that supports streaming.

  1. MP3 Player

Although your existing smartphone itself can play songs, you can still use your old smartphone as a stand-alone storage and player to save your new phone’s battery life. Store a pile of audio tracks and play them back on your stereo or in your car.

Plus you won’t even have to worry about phone calls cutting into the music either.

  1. E-Clock

Timeline concept: Clock on smartphone

Want a high-tech and ridiculously expensive e-clock decorating your desk or nightstand? Search no more. Your old smartphone is the answer. Dock it and then download the free app “Timely Alarm Clock”, if you want to use the clock for alarms. Better than keeping it in a draw, right?

  1. Workout Calculator

If you’re a fitness buff that goes jogging or cycling every day, why not use the old smartphone as a standalone distance calculator? As usual, downloaded apps can tell you the distance travelled, calories burnt and heartbeat rate. You won’t be disturbed by incoming calls and your existing phone will save some memory.

  1. GPS

A great way to use your old smartphone, fix it in your car, install an offline map or a SIM card with a network and you’re all set with a standalone GPS.

A New Life

These are some of the ways to breathe new life into your old smartphone. Of course, you can sell it for a fraction of what it was originally worth, but consider it might have much more worth as peace of mind if you hold onto it as a backup!

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      Most tech devices can be reused. I guess it applies to others too!