Never lose information again with these apps

never-lose-information-again-with-these-appsWe’ve become a generation that relies heavily on our smartphones for everything from storing sensitive information on our phones such as our bank details, our flight details, making appointments instead of writing them down in a book or a diary.

There is a risk we might lose these details if we accidentally delete them, or (in worst case scenario) the phone gets stolen. Thankfully, there are apps that will help ensure data we keep in our mobile phones will not be lost. These apps will sync our precious data into the cloud. As a bonus, all the data stored will be synchronised across all your devices, ensuring you will be able to access it from whatever device you’re currently using. Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is a powerful calendar app that that syncs your appointments onto an online service, and across all your devices such as your laptop or tablet computer. You can also invite your friends to an appointment by inputting their Email address (handily autofilled from your address book). All these features are absolutely free.

  2. Evernote

    Evernote is an online notepad where you can be store your notes online. It is easy to use and it auto-saves your notes as you type. With Evernote, you’ll be able to access to your notes anywhere, anytime. Sign up for the basic version, it is absolutely free! The Plus and Premium are priced at RM49 and RM99 respectively. There are also some pretty cool notepads and styluses just for Evernote!

  3. Dropbox

    If you have the tendency of losing your files, forgetting where you saved them, or even frequently running out of space, Dropbox is the online cloud storage platform for you. Dropbox can be downloaded onto your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and even your desktop. When using Dropbox, you can opt-in to an auto-save option to sync all your files onto Dropbox so you do not need to manually upload it all the time (tedious task of backing-up, gone!). Dropbox also allows you to share your folder with people you invite to view your folder via a link, or Email address. The free option only provides 2GB storage; but it can be increased by purchasing more of it, or inviting your friends.

These apps, safe and easy to use, will enable your devices to become reliable tools to manage your daily activities. These, and many apps like them, are free and available to download from your device app store. The usage of these apps require an internet connection on your mobile devices. You will also be taking a step towards becoming paperless, helping Mother Nature.