How the Internet Has Changed the Way We Eat

Food delivery

Imagine. You’ve just got back from work.

It wasn’t a pleasant day. You’re knackered – not in the mood to do anything. You just got home after being stuck in the heavy traffic for nearly an hour or so, and you’re definitely not driving out again for food.

So of course you can’t be bothered to go into the kitchen, cook up a meal and do the washing up afterwards.

The evolution of the internet has definitely made us pickier in terms of eating. We no longer want to wait in line for a sandwich or go an extra mile just to satisfy our hunger.

Like, why would we? We can have hot, steaming food delivered right to our doorsteps with a click of a mouse. Absolutely hassle-free and convenient!

Let us convince you (as if you need it!) of why ordering food online is the future:

No need to worry about making reservations

Booking a table at a restaurant in advance doesn’t sound so tempting anymore, and if you are late on a booking, the restaurant may be full. People are consciously making an effort to book well in advance just to secure a table.

24-hour food delivery

Mamaks will no longer be your sole option for late night snacks or supper. There is a plethora of options online.

The comfort of your own home

The best part of online food delivery has definitely got to be the ability to order from the comfort of your own home – while in your pajamas or house slippers, no less; or perhaps maybe streaming a movie onto your computer. Jealous!

If you’re new to the whole online food business, don’t worry – we’ve compiled a short list of our favourite places (beyond that staple, pizza!) to order a convenient meal. Check it out:

1)    Food Panda

Food Panda provides an online menu offering a vast selection of food from major chains like Nandos, Kenny Rogers, Starbucks and Sakae Sushi. After entering your postcode, you can then search and select from various cuisines based on price and type.

2)    Burger King

If you’re craving for a delicious burger (we know the feeling) served with equally tasty side orders, you have come to the right site. Burger King will provide you with one of the best burger experiences in town.

3)    Kitchen on Wheels

At Kitchen on Wheels, you’re able to order anything you want to eat – Japanese noodles, chicken curry rice, satay, nasi lemak and even burgers.

4)    Room Service

Room Service’s ‘e-restaurant’ offers a number of different cuisines from around the world, whether you fancy English, American or even an Asian fusion meal. It’s all there for the taking.

So there you have it, ordering food made simple – thanks to the glorious invention we call the internet.

What’s your favourite food delivery site? Maybe you even have a funny story about it!


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