Five Malaysian Made Apps

One thing Malaysians share the same admiration for is the diverse culture of food in the country. Even when we travel abroad, we are proud to spot a Malaysian restaurant and would highly end up having a meal or two there. Besides cuisine, Malaysia has also been keeping up with technology, and the list below shows some of the apps that we are proud of, no matter where we are!

  1. AirAsia

    Tony Fernandes.jpg

    Now everybody can fly and book their favourite destination through their smartphone!

    The app in one of the most downloaded app. With just a few clicks on our mobile phone or tablet, we can now book flights, check-in, pre-book meals, and add baggage, making travelling more convenient.
  2. AES Tracker

    is a must-download app especially for those who drives like ‘F1 drivers’ on the highway. This app helps track nearby AES cameras, trigger alerts when we enter the camera radius, and keep us updated when there are new cameras installed on the road.

  3. MyTeksi

    offers a selection of services to suit our needs to get from place A to place B. Whether it’s GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabBike or GrabExpress, the rides are safe and reliable. MyTeksi is now on an international level operating in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

  4. GSC

    Queue no more! The mobile app shows movie listings and allows you to purchase movie tickets through your smartphone. Not only that, you get to choose your seats and book your popcorn combos as well. All you have to do is arrive at the concession counter, get your popcorn and walk straight to the cinema hall.


    Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.01.51 AMprovides Malaysians with the two most favourite things combined: food + discount! This app lets you browse offers at your preferred restaurants, book them online, and enjoy the discounted meals.

Overall, these are the 5 apps that are made by Malaysians, for Malaysians. We can now travel without hassle, have no worries on speed ticket, get a reliable cab, no more queuing up for movie tickets and enjoy discounted meals. You can check out a whole list of Malaysian made apps here.