Does Internet bring people of the world closer?

Can you imagine a world without the Internet? These days, most of us wouldn’t last a minute without it. So let’s take a moment to appreciate one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century! The Internet has definitely improved communications among people over the years, no matter how great the distance may be. Only three decades years ago, sending letters (snail mail) would take weeks to reach recipients, especially when they live on another continent. Nowadays in our fast paced tech-efficient era, people can instantly keep in touch, send text messages to each other, and even make video calls as if they were in the same room. Let’s dwell this a little longer

Does the Internet really bring people of the world closer together?

shutterstock_229725688Undoubtedly: Yes. Especially due to the existence of social media. With it, we can stay connected with our friends and family, and make new friends based on similar interest or even connect through mutual friends. In fact, some people are profoundly attached to their smartphones that you can see them with their eyes always glued onto the screens: while waiting for the train to arrive, standing in line or even while having their meals.

Unfortunately, this is where the problem arises.

shutterstock_167089319We tend to focus too much on the virtual world that we ignore the real world: acting like zombies and not focusing on the things or people that surround us. It has become so common to see everyone busy on their phones, anxious to post their latest updates, instead of conversing with each other while waiting for their food to arrive.

As much as it’s important to stay updated, we should also balance our time and go outdoors, socialise with friends and family. Perhaps go for a picnic and have face-to-face conversations, or even a simple walk in the park (leaving the gadgets behind of course!). In short, it’s good to socialise online, but don’t let that leave you to be detached from the real world.

shutterstock_136353347Here’s our verdict:

Internet does bring people of the world closer, but to strengthen our online social life without undermining our offline life, we need to remember to put down our gadgets when we have to. Allocate some time to keep in touch with those who are far and spend quality time by just being there with those who are close by. After all, a balanced social life leads to happiness!